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Miscrits Of Volcano Island is a great game we have all wanted to play, it is basically an open-world, multiplayer RPG designed in the same vein as the Pokemon Games.
The players can fiind any of the more than 400 different and unique Miscrits through their journey on the Volcano Island. The miscrits gamers can collect and horde or use them in head-to-head battles when facing off against other players in the amazing PvP battle mode.
If an online Pokemon game is something you've always wanted to play then you can't really go wrong with trying out Broken Bulb Game's Miscrits of Volcano Island.

Our Miscrits Cheats and hack tools are made by Miscrits Players for Miscrits Players!!!
Includes the great Miscrits of Volcano Island Success Guide!!! If you miss some elements or any other things the miscrit cheat tools or the big miscrits guide pack will help you to archive it!
Use the included miscrits cheats or the miscrits exploit mode to get what you need!
Requirements for all apps:
Currently only Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome are supported (both Flock and Safari do not work). Upon setting the values you may need to refresh before the resources will properly display. Requires .NET framework 2.0 or higher.

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Last updated on: Sunday, 10 October 2013
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Miscrits Cheats: General Editor v1.5 FINAL

Program Info:
Build 2.8 Final
1. Download Miscrits General Editor 2.8 Final.
2. Login to Miscrits through Facebook.
3. Launch the program and set the values accordingly (the values will not change upon spending currency until you close the program).
4. Refresh your browser and enjoy!

Note: Do not set negative values or it can cause the program to crash.


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Miscrits Hack: Gold & FaceBook Credits Trainer v3 FINAL

Program Info:
Build 2.8c
1. Download Miscrits Currency Editor v2.8c
2. Install and launch the application (will require .NET Framework 2.0 or higher).
3. Login to Miscrits (both Kongregate and Facebook platforms are currently supported).
4. Select your browser and input your desired values. Once the values are set they will not change until you close your browser and refresh the page.

Note: If you're playing on Kongregate then you may need to use Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, the alternative browsers are not supported (they will work but with intermittent crashes).


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Miscrits Hack: Simple Editor v2.1 FINAL

Program Info:
Build 2.1 Final
1. Download Miscrits Simple Editor v2.1 FINAL
2. Launch the program and select which resource you'd like to edit and choose your value from the drop down box.
3. *Do not refresh your browser* - The program will automatically inject and change the values every few seconds.

Note: Do not select a value that is lower than your current totals or it will cause graphical errors until you refresh.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I'm getting a run-time error when I try to start the program. What's the deal?
A: You're missing the necessary .NET Framework 2.0. Don't worry, Microsoft provides this for free at their MSDN website.

Q: I completed the verification, where is my download link?
A: As soon as you are credited as completing the verification a download link will automatically be provided to you.

Q: How do these cheats, hacks and trainers work?
A: It depends. Some are simple memory editors while others sniff and send encrypted packets that will trick the server into thinking you have more resources than you actually own.

Q: One of the hacks is out of date and no longer works. How can I contact you to fix it?
A: I frequently check the library of cheats and remove what is no longer relevant. Just give me a few days, I'll either update it or remove it from the list.

Q: Can you make a trainer with my specifications?
A: To put it bluntly: no. Each of these were made to exploit a vulnerability that existed within the game, without these loopholes these hacks would not be possible. I make programs around these exploits, not the other way around.

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